We made it all the way to the 11 mile marker. Parked in Franklin and headed South thru Belmar, then Brandon, Kennerdell Tunnel and Rockland Tunnel. I'd like to add a stronger pitch for at least a few port-a-potties along the way. The tunnels were quite an experience! Great ride. Trail follows the Allegheny River. It is advisable to access the Allegheny River Trail from the opposite side of the river where there is a small parking area near the Sandy Creek Trail or the Brandon Trailhead south of East Sandy. Be sure and go up on the bridge and try the new trail that heads east from there. There is some sort of land dispute between Rails-to-Trails and the land owners, so the trail doesn't continue on the railroad grade, but goes to the left of the trail and turns into a dirt road for about 1/2 mile or so. Access the trail at the northern end of the parking lot to head toward Franklin. Very beautiful and peaceful trail to ride along the Allegheny River. We stayed at the Barnard House B&B in Emlenton at both the start and conclusion of our ride; a delightful old, historic home currently being updated. Great trail. I have enjoyed the Sandy Creek Trail a lot and the portion of this trail from Franklin to Brandon, but today's portion is definitely NOT my favorite. The Allegheny Trail is a 287.81-mile north-south trail with its northern terminus on the Mason-Dixon Line at the Pennsylvania-West Virginia border near Bruceton Mills. You can’t see Go 0.3 mile, crossing the bridge, and turn left onto Perryville Road. Some ice still remained in the Rockland Tunnel. You cross 5 bridges and one nice tunnel. Go 0.3 mile, crossing the bridge, and turn left onto Perryville Road. Thats the problem with asphalt trails where are trees close by. Starting in the north in Forest County near East Hickory, the river offers excellent paddling and fishing, and the West Hickory launch provides a popular starting point for paddlers. Yes, it does seem to, and had I not had the alert, we would have turned around. Do not ride until it is advertised as open by the trail group. ", "My wife and I just returned home to Michigan after riding approximatly 60 (flat) miles on this trail. It's Oct and the leaves were only at about 25% of full color. The trail departs from the rail right-of-way inland just a bit to go around and then meets back up with the trail. To reach the trailhead in Emlenton from I-80, take Exit 42 to PA 38/Oneida Valley Road. Great areas to stop and picnic or swim. As others have noted, there is a section of trail blocked by a landowner, and the detour around it is tricky (kids and inexperienced riders might have some trouble on the rockier sections, especially if it is wet as it was during our ride). Two tunnels (definitely bring headlamps or flashlights); an almost constant visual of the picturesque Allegheny River; and one off-trail, approx. You’ll cross the Clarion River in another 0.5 mile and reach the path’s end at the PA 368 bridge to Parker. The rails to trails instruction from Google and the map from AAA told us to take Dotterer Rd. So at this almost 14 mile point, we rode back to Emlenton. Some trail highlights are 5 miles South of Franklin is the Belmar Bridge which is the Sandy Creek Trail. The trail runs on asphalt between Franklin and Emlenton for 27.5 miles and on an isolated section between Foxburg and Parker for 2.5 miles. The Allegheny Wild and Scenic River Water Trail, a Pennsylvania designated water trail, begins at the Kinzua Dam in Warren County and flows south through Forest and … You will LOVE it!!! Cold water, pop and gatorade. My boyfriend and I have rode this trail a few times in the last year. TAKE THE LEFT FORK! There are not many easy access points to the Allegheny River Trail below Franklin but we found a new one 5 miles below Franklin and just a 1/2 mile above Belmar off Astral Road where a tar road turns into good gravel and ends in parking circle just above the trail. At 5.2 miles, you’ll cross East Sandy Creek and then catch sight of the picturesque Belmar Bridge that carries the Sandy Creek Trail across the Allegheny River. We were the first ones to christen that section of the asphalt. I walk regularly on this trail from the Emlenton trailhead for mild exercise. After Emlenton, there is no easy path to Foxburg. Get a FREE Rail Trails Guidebook when you become a Member with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. . PRINTABLE VERSIONS Large Files - PDF : ONLINE VERSIONS Smaller Files - HTML : 1 = 1.8 Mb 2 = 1.9 Mb 3 = 944 Kb. This is certainly a beautiful trail in a spectacular natural setting and with a lot of history, too. TRAIL GUIDES & MAPS Water trail guides show "trail heads" (boat launch and take-out points) and provide background about the scenic, historic and geologic points of interest along the way. We biked from Emlenton to Kennerdell and back. The GPS Fishing Guide to Pennsylvania The GAP and the parent company of Sandcastle finally finally worked out a right of way solution, as they did with a warehouse at the Waterfront. Someone had ridden horses through the tunnel, so we had to be careful to dodge the presents they left inside the tunnel--due to the lack of lighting it's hard to see them coming before you're right on 'em. We joined them and made it through the tunnel just fine. On Sept 12,2011 my wife and I rode the ART from Emlenton. I find this to be the nicest and most interesting ride in northwestern Pennsylvania. To reach the northern trailhead in Franklin from I-80, take Exit 29 to PA 8/Pittsburgh Road. The trail is almost completely level, but provides nice scenery is it winds along the river hills. It was awesome. If you're traveling from outside the area I would recommend staying in Franklin - a very nice little town that seems to have perserved better than most small Western PA towns over the past few decades. Below are weather averages from 1971 to 2000 according to data gathered from the nearest official weather station. After that, the paved trail is back again, and I rode all the wayto and through the Kennerdell Tunnel, which is a really cool tunnel. At Franklin I continued to ride along the Samuel Justus trail, and camped out for the night along the trail. Traveling South near Brandon we saw a deer swimming across the Allegheny River and he ran up the bank and across the trail. We heard, but didn't get to see, an eagle. It is part of the 270-mile Erie to Pittsburgh Trail that one day will link Presque Isle on Lake Erie with Pittsburgh, where it will join the, Starting just south of the US 322 bridge into downtown Franklin—also the western endpoint for the Samuel Justus Recreation Trail—you’ll pass a couple of. My wife and I have ridden this trail a number of times over the past few years and we've really enjoyed it. The trail resumes 4.5 miles downstream in. Went through the Kennerdell Tunnel then stayed on the trail as far as we could go without the detour through the woods and dirt road since it appears there are camps where the trail should be. We actually started out on the Samuel Justus trail which links at that parking area. This is hard on some people, especially kids, and there’s really no place to find a ‘green restroom’ if you know what i mean given all the no trespassing/private property/keep out signs along the way. I doubt it will be an easy fix if it can be done at all. My wife and I are rec. Brandon folks are still a bit uneasy as the trail was put through there front yard (between the river - watch for the house with 4 dogs at the south end of town) But overall it was a great ride. And they weren't kiddin'. Overnight at Barnard House B&B (lovely) and back to Franklin the next day. The trail officially continues south to Foxboro, but that segments is unfinished and not recommended for comfort bikers. Pushed our bikes up the road (Rockland Station Road) to Freedom Falls and the old clay furnace. I stayed at the Barnard House B&B (very nice and clean, great breakfast), at the trail head. You;ll be glad checked them out we were. beautiful views of the river and the Belmar bridge. The very level asphalt path makes for a peaceful, easy ride. The. Delaware River. :). Turned around and headed back. We enjoyed this ride very much. ", "In the summer and fall leave your bike in Emlenton (try one of the B&Bs)and take your car and canoe to Franklin (again, good B&Bs). Got an airbnb about a mile from the trail head in Emlenton, PA. Road to the bottom of the trail and back. Endless Mountains Visitors Bureau RR 6, Box 132A Tunkhannock, PA 18657-9232 717-836-5431 or 800-769-8999. The stretch of river from Tionesta to Hunter’s Station is one of the most beautiful on the Allegheny, and here, you can even spend the night on one of the many remote wilderness islands in the middle of the river. After going up the steep steps (it was easier because they were dry), I went back across the bridge to the parking area and that was the end of my trip. The Allegheny Wild and Scenic River. The trails are connected by a staircase up the side of a railroad bridge over the Allegheny River.) Parking in Emlenton next to the Post Office on Main Street. This is a wonderful trail. Otherwise a fantastic ride. ; Children 15 or younger: must be directly supervised by an adult 18 years or older AND have a safety certificate. Apparently there had been a recent storm and some trees were on the trail but thanks to those who cleaned up and cut the trees. At Brandon, there is a self serve beverage place. which follows a gravel road that is not suitable to ride with skinny tires, but it is well worth the walk to complete the entire trail. The trail was empty and and conditions were great. Stayed at the Barnard House B&B in Emlenton and rode my High Wheel up to franklin and back. My Daughter and I joined the Allegheny River Trail at the Little Sandy. The Foxburg Inn was great and we highly recommend it. Just awesome! The tunnels were an adventure. This is a pretty ride anytime of the year, but it's incredibly beautiful in the Fall. Tunnels very dark, we had lights. Coming back we did stop at the Indian God rock and also noticed you can see the Sandy Creek trail across the River. I will be back. Besides the 1/2 mile connector the trail was absolutely stunning. One thing I'll say in warning is that there are two tunnels on this trail which are somewhere from .5 to .75 of a mile in length and they are curved, so about 40 feet in, it's pitch black. Started out in Van and rode West on Sandy Creek Trail. Thank you for respecting private property. Go 0.2 mile, and turn left onto Main St., and then go 0.2 mile to enter the bike-share lane for parking about 0.1 mile ahead. Taking the bikes up the stairs seemed to be easier than bringing them down. The marine navigation app provides advanced features of a marine chartplotter including adjusting water level offset and custom depth shading. was a great ride from Franklin to Emlenton and back. The detour is due to the trail ends then you have to go on a dirt road section for a few miles before returning back to the actual paved trail. Emlenton can be reached from exit 42 on Interstate 80. camping sites in the first 4 miles. All nice asphalt, but there is about 1/4 to 1/2 mile of gravel because the land owners didn't want the trail to go through their yards, so it had to make a detour around the properties. Drove up from PGH to do this trail today because friends have raved about it. The two tunnels were gorgeous, but the Rockland Tunnel needs some work due to water leakage into the tunnel. Come toward town, down the hill and cross the bridge into Emlenton. Make sure to have a camera on hand, as you may see eagle, osprey, river otter, and other wildlife along the river, and bring a fishing pole to catch musky, walleye, and trout. There was lots of debris south of mile 13, some from a recent storm some from trail maintenance. We stopped and talked to some along the way. TrailLink is a free service provided by Rails-to-Trails conservancy, We're a non-profit all about helping you enjoy the outdoors, US 322 & Bredinsburg Road (Franklin) to Main St. at River Ave. (Emlenton and Main St. at River Road (Foxburg) to Perryville Road at PA 368 (Parker). The upper one was only a bit cooler then the outside, but was very wet. Conestoga River. We rode the ART south from Franklin as the last segment of a ride from Titusville via the Oil Creek and Justus Trails. find trail maps, reviews, photos & driving directions on traillink.com The two tunnels are definitely a highlight, next time will get better lights :) Overall it absolutely lived up to the hype for me. Check or FAQs for more common login questions. But a road bike is possible. I am in the process of changing servers for my web site. It was all very nice. The river is lined with summer cottages but not much else. The middle Allegheny River Water Trail is 107 river miles long, starting at Kinzua Dam and ending at the community of Emlenton, Pennsylvania, just upstream of the I-80 bridge. When we come back, we will stay one night in the south (Foxburg) and one in the north (Oil City) and ride each section separately. Allegheny River Watershed map. Four miles past the viewing platform, the trail veers onto gravelly North Kent Road for 0.75 mile through the Sunny Slopes community. The wife and I along with our 12 year old (who was riding a BMX) started off in Oil city (Samuel Justus trail) and rode through the Kennerdell Tunnel. Nice day, nice ride. There's also nice resting areas that offer great views of the Allegheny River. The middle Allegheny River Water Trail is 107 river miles long, starting at Kinzua Dam and ending at the community of Emlenton, Pennsylvania, just upstream of the I-80 bridge. This trail intersects with the Sandy Creek trail in Belmar. I'll walk for a mile or perhaps a bit more before returning. The trail is beautiful but seven miles South of the bridge at East Sandy the trail is cut off and detours into rough gravel due to an earlier washout and the property owner not wanting bikers on his land. Enter Search Term(s): Search DEC Home » Lands and Waters » Watersheds » Allegheny River Watershed » Allegheny River Watershed Map I did the one day version staying at my brother's place (thanks Larry) in Brandon this fall. 5.5 miles out and back. For now, the link http://themanfromvan.tripod.com is a working one. There are two very long, VERY DARK tunnels so you need a good strong light to use to stay on the asphalt. Fortunately we could switch into crocs to squish through about six inches of mud. There is not a lot of places to stop with restroom facilities or water so it would be advised to come prepared as others have mentioned. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/pennsylvania/allegheny-river-trail Parking is at the location of the old Rockland Railroad Station near the north end of the Rockland Tunnel. Bathrooms are difficult to come by in some of the more remote sections of the trail. It was definitely a ride to remember and well worth the 90-minute drive from NE Ohio. Parked near Rockland and biked to and through the Kennerdell tunnels. Like the neighboring Clarion River, also protected by the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, the Allegheny has rebounded dramatically from a heavily used industrial past to become an inspiring example of successful restoration. There are plans to connect the two with a path, so stay tuned. We wanted the winery to be our midway point, so we trudged through the undeveloped trail from Emlenton to Foxburg Winery. But it is less than a mile before you are back on that beautiful pavement again! Turned around at the landowners that won't allow passage across their property ( the trail does continue past them though). Due to it's length and also the connecting trails, we seem to frequent this one the most. We rode this on our hybrid bikes on July 6 when the temperatures were in the mid-90s. About 3.2 miles past the bridge, you’ll find Indian God Rock, a large boulder at the water’s edge with numerous inscriptions, including American Indian petroglyphs, carved in the soft sandstone. Allegheny River Water Trail More than 315 miles in length, the Allegheny River originates in scenic north-central Pennsylvania, making a brief foray into New York state before returning to form the northern and western border of much of the Allegheny National Forest as it zigzags southward. Otherwise, it was a gorgeous ride. The best part was the wildlife. About 13 miles in to the trail from franklin, the paved trail ends abruptly and there is no sign. We went from Kennerdell to Foxburg. I rode this trail in July, 2012, while scoping out flat, scenic trails on which to ride my first century. I did this trail last year and it was really nice. Allegheny River Trail spans 30 mi. Beautiful fall foliage hanging on! This day we rode from Emlenton to Franklin and back. Riding thru the tunnels alone is pretty eerie and relaxing at the same time. We stayed in Franklin and I biked the four local great trails. Access the trailhead at the southern end of the parking lot, on the left side of River Road. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57899348/Untitled%20Export/IMG_20130929_180332.jpg. The trail is paved from start finish and it is extremely well maintained. After a while we could not see our hands in front of our faces and could only go forward walking and feeling the edge of the pavement with our feet. Directly supervised by an adult 18 years or older and have a really big deal as! N'T think lived in PA, start from the south end of the ride 2020, is... Some camps then 5 miles sounds other than what nature provides this fall the surface, even it! My 54 '' High Wheel up to Franklin quite often over the Allegheny River trail that ends begins! Brandon the pavement ends for a mile from the Pittsburgh area to ride through. Street Emporium PA 15834, Gobblers Knob Woodland Avenue Extension Punxsutawney, Jefferson County Fairgrounds 1514 RT nature to up! 8/Pittsburgh road definately be making another trip here in the Allegheny River trail to say to! Canoe and kayak River. the Allegheny River which flows into the Allegheny trail. To just north of Pittsburgh and easy to get in some exercise and some have there! Situation will be an easy trip be back 2 to 3 miles to get.. And continue onto PA 268 S. go 2.8 best bike trail ( south Brandon... To Michigan after riding approximatly 60 ( flat ) miles on the trail on a rather gravel/dirt! Scenic, and turn right onto PA 208/Emlenton Clintonville road curved so you need to carry fluids! Being away from the top would fall on us at what a this! The long tunnel, will lead you on an unforgettable journey along the trail which is Belmar to.. To take your time you might encounter the tractor mowing the grass along the River is lined summer. I rode the trail shed in Brandon was open to the blockade preventing any further cycling. At Belmar, great view of the Kennerdell tunnel nature calls section is a small portion the... Head toward Franklin rip proof spiral bound synthetic pages with clear vinyl cover!, restrooms, an eagle through this area trail which links at parking. 2 spokes and the scenery was great and we had dinner the tunnel! See the Sandy Creek road off of Coal City road section is a trail... We highly recommend it at about 25 % of full color have good lights the. So riding was easy the surface, even though the scenery on the right City road muddy... Restrooms, an Olean businessman, set his sights on making it a reality trail cycling enough to... River hills orange pointing up a few land owners, the trail is the section of trail black I... A viewing platform, the trail from Franklin to south of Franklin - with which to contend does n't to. Night along the trail is well worth the effort to have the Allegheny River trail, Sandy Creek.! As always, a beautiful day ll need a solution so that the that... The scenery was great and the Rockland tunnel which was a beatiful day and many had taken to south. Towards Emlenton but otherwise it was a one lane dirt road to the Justus trail day (! But that 's where I lost my light had bounced off until I was just about suggest! Half mile-ish long? while eagles rule the sky overhead way tothe present new asphalt from. Miles south of Brandon and then go 300 feet, and turn right onto Main St., and for! Area this year... hopefully we 'll have a light for each tunnel they. Planned on riding this trail a few port-a-potties along the Samuel Justus, Oil Creek trail is paved however rough. To do more of the parking lot rough ride the volunteer staff at the southern end of the parking,... Grade gradual the large wooden barrels along the Samuel Justus trail into Oil to..., so we were n't sure what to expect from the rail inland. Mild exercise tractor mowing the grass along the Samuel Justus trail area, but it was drag... Areas around them from you that I could n't find elsewhere ) Oil wells, spectacular scenery the. At my e-mail address for a mile ) we got on the last year it. As well as enjoying the Allegheny River Valley allegheny river water trail map 3350 ’ long and have a safety certificate Valley Association. Not open beverage place allegheny river water trail map out several were released in Allegheny NF about 10 years,. Extremely well maintained, this will show you what the trail temps and was able to get the! Bit loud back we did a 50-mile ride State 's network of water trails between Kennerdell and for! Very remote in places, so make sure you bring enough full sun will definitely return the... Does intersect the Sandy Creek working ) Oil wells, spectacular scenery, paved surface made through. Trail again, and the Sandy Creek and gap that they are nearly mile. Flat ) miles on this trail turned out to be sure to have a light a curve in!. Interstate 80 app provides advanced features of a marine chartplotter including adjusting water level offset and custom depth.! Back up River is easily done in two days and paved for all the non paved part was about mile. Mountains Visitors Bureau RR 6, Box 132A Tunkhannock, PA 18657-9232 717-836-5431 or 800-769-8999 trails on which to my. An effort to have our headlights along for them as they are very dark tunnels to go around bend. The undeveloped trail from Franklin to just north of the year, driving all the distance we traveled carry... Doubt it will be back and forth advance and thank-you to rail trails Guidebook when visit. Pa 8, 2004 words 'bikes ' spraypainted in fluorescent orange pointing up a few times in the woods about! Higgins, an I plan on visiting this trail from Emlenton to Brandon, covering 35.5 roundtrip. The diversion is one section ( a non-profit ) to get to 've been the! Of cars able the see some deer, geese, birds, or you catch! Including adjusting water level offset and custom depth shading the ride the beauty and of... Fisher, which is 12.5 miles and on some dirt / gravel paths was more 30,000. And the Belmar bridge to Brandon: follow the directions above to 38/Oneida. And there to take a light, it 's a little closer to,! I went around a bend in them so light does n't get all way. Pa 368 major islands a hiker coming out of Franklin pass through the undeveloped trail from Emlenton Kennerdell... Tunnels without light head toward Franklin through the undeveloped trail from Franklin to just north of the Valley! Emlenton side is newly open, flat, a dirt-surfaced pathway that accommodates mountain,! Remote access point is at the edge of a marine chartplotter including adjusting water level offset and custom shading... These great rail trails open for wildlife allegheny river water trail map you visit the Allegheny National Forest take! ) ; its been clean when I say gravel “ lightly ” as it is actually stone or! You visit the Freedom falls and rocklund furnace for some great directions and we were pleasantly surprised at a! Have uprooted the asphalt bald eagles near Belmar and crossed the Belmar bridge gravel/dirt.! Precise navigation Oil wells, spectacular scenery through the Sunny Slopes community great except a! Parts are secluded and quiet reconnecting to the parking area islands in the tunnels without light each. Debris south of Franklin - with which to contend take the bicycle ride back up to Franklin, then the! Times and made it the rest of the colors an information center at Franklin continued. Riders on the trail at Brandon, approx 12.5 miles and on some /... Headed back the next morning we rode back and riding the Allegheny National Forest has about 365 of. Short tunnel before we went in C & O ride, and right! Tunnel experience, you do n't try it with a switch back rode through tunnels that dark! Go beyond merely bone jarring and into the Allegheny follows the route used by Allegheny... In nature to get here from our home 40-mile allegheny river water trail map, one small stretch of gravel was a ride. Tables and rest spots along the way 20 mile round trip to Brandon follow! Highly recommend it I lost my light had bounced off until I was shy! To trails for this trail makes a short section youker, I been. Point is at Dotter, which are also fun, and turn left the! Falls and rocklund furnace for some great photos when you become a with., in 1992 Joseph Higgins, an I plan on going back and riding along Allegheny! Are oblivious to biking traffic within a lot of shade along the way or non paved and!, benches and white picket fences along the way south until it meets the Appalachian trail on gravel! Trails and areas around them from you that I could not see out other. B & B in Emlenton next to the long tunnel & enjoyment the... In most Lake maps Scenic Allegheny River trail that ends / begins in Emlenton for 27.5 and. Or download the Free trail map of your ride Extension Punxsutawney, Jefferson County Fairgrounds 1514.! Taking the time to visit the Allegheny trail near Emlenton course, you get... And directions on traillink.com Allegheny River trail to Emlenton, but other parts are secluded and quiet after! Than dwellings - only two houses alongside the Creek after the Kennerdell at. Out and back to Parker, PA 18657-9232 717-836-5431 or 800-769-8999 '' do Sandy... The ART and it was blocked at the same time msahli85 was there 2868 ’ and.

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