Guji Coffee Export PLC 6630910 6630911 122551 48. Based on the coffee export data in 2017/18, the principal export markets for Ethiopian coffee were: Germany (22 %), Saudi Arabia (16 %), United States of America (11%), Belgium (7 %), Sudan (6 %) and Italy (5 %). Green Gold Ethiopia PLC 4342032/4341489 4342033 19211 47. Haider Abamecha Coffee Export 4712015 4712051 122995 50. We collect Ethiopia trade data from Custom Departments, Port Authorities, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Trade Associations, Government Bodies and other business networks. Ethiopia coffee exports to rise June 9, 2019 in International NEW YORK — Ethiopia, Africa’s top coffee producer, is expected to export a record-high 4 million 60kg bags of coffee in 2019/20, the US Department of Agriculture attaché in Addis Ababa said, as yields improve and the area dedicated to coffee farming increase. Ethiopia exports coffee to over 60 countries. We have Ethiopia shipment data available since Jan 2015. So, to get complete coffee 5 shipping records of Ethiopia exports, fill up our request demo form. According to Ethiopia trade data, MY16/17 exports reached a record of almost 232,000 metric tons, valued at $897 million. Ethiopia’s coffee export earn- Haileselassie Ambaye Deres Ethiopia is the largest producer of coffee in Sub-Saharan Africa and is the fifth largest coffee producer in the world next to Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, and Indonesia, contributing about 7 to 10% of total world coffee production. 46. Or let us know your data queries via +91 11 4704 8012 or The United States was the fourth largest buyer of Ethiopian coffee in 2018/19, accounting for nearly ten percent of total Ethiopian coffee exports by volume. Major export destinations are Germany, Saudi Arabia, the … Coffee is the country’s top export. 95% of the coffee is produced in the forest area and is claimed to be organic. We study the structure and performance of the coffee export sector in Ethiopia, Africa’s most important coffee producer, over the period 2003 to 2013. We find an evolving policy environment leading to structural changes in the export sector, including an elimination of vertical integration for most exporters. Table: 3 Coffee exports by volume and value for 2016/17 and 2017/18 A major part of the Ethiopian coffee is exported in green coffee … We also provide other hidden data columns in coffee 5 export report of Ethiopia including – Ethiopian Importer Name and Ethiopian Exporter Name. Haicof Limited PLC 5510124/5512689/ 5516888 4854 49. Ethiopia is the birthplace of Arabica coffee and produces mostly Arabica coffee. During the last five reported years the exports of Ethiopia have changed by -$1.6B from $4.02B in 2013 to $2.41B in 2018. Exports are forecast to reach a record 4.12 million bags (247,200 metric tons). View coffee ethiopian coffee export data of Ethiopia. And in 2014, Ethiopia registered a rise in total value of coffee exports. Around 400,000 hectares area of Ethiopia is under coffee cultivation. As per coffee export data of Ethiopia, Country recorded a decline in the export value of coffee in year 2015. If we look at the export figures of last 5 years, the country recorded a rise in export value of coffee in 2012, thereafter, the value declined. of Ethiopia’s total export earnings. Export data of Ethiopia is based on Import Bills, Shipping Bills, Invoices and other import-export documents. The country produces almost 200,000 metric tons of coffee every year. Ethiopian customs exports data of coffee ethiopian coffee includes hs code, value, quantity, coffee ethiopian coffee exporters of Ethiopia. Coffee accounts for nearly one-third of total exports by value. The most recent exports are led by Coffee ($836M), Other Oily Seeds ($363M), Cut Flowers ($232M), Dried Legumes ($109M), and Sheep and Goat Meat ($95.1M). U.S. coffee imports totaled US$ 5.7 billion in the MY 2018/19 with $120 million of that from Ethiopia.