General suggestions for the content to be included in the student social media policy include the following: Lean toward a magnanimous rather than a draconian tone. Set in a black background that seemed to convey an ominous sense, the picture was paired with the headline news, “Facebook admits privacy settings “bug” affecting 14 million users.”, The front page story said a software glitch changed the setting of some 14 million users of the biggest social media network, “potentially making some posts public even if they were intended to be private.”. Social Media Policy At Sewickley Academy, teachers, students, staff, and other school community members use social networking/media (Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc.) Women’s privacy is sometimes probed by others who implicitly assume that they should be more accountable for their private conduct than their male counterparts. There has to be a principle based ecosystem that ensures the protection of privacy of individuals but at the same one that is fluid enough to make sure there are no hindrances to the exchange of information whether that is cross border or within the country. [4], The pervasive use of social media in the Philippines greatly affected the manner by which Filipinos interact and communicate. One girl for example admitted she has over 4,000 Facebook friends but only 20% of them are known to her personally. The school acted based on the photos presented to them. The FGD surfaces as well their perspectives on privacy and their view on school’s authority to monitor social media accounts of students. Ian advocated that schools and business organizations formulate appropriate policies to guide students and employees in the proper and responsible use of social media platforms, whether it’s Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, etc. Traditionally, the right to privacy is concisely defined as the right to be left alone. In the Philippines social media has a big factor that can help a politician to known and to promote their campaign. Some said they add only people they know, either they have a close relationship with the person or know them by name. GlobalWebIndex's latest social media usage report shows that more than 40% of people use social media platforms to keep in touch with friends, making this the top reason for social media use globally.. 9779 (the Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009), and libel, an offense under Section 355 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines, also criminalizing them when committed using a computer system. It is the first ruling made that explicitly deal with privacy in social media, specifically privacy in Facebook. These cookies do not store any personal information. People started posting comments including offensive remarks and eventually led to physical fight. STC legal counsel shared this view and justified their action to discipline the students as guardian of Filipino society’s moral. The first level of the paper covers the overview of available laws, policies, jurisprudence on privacy and social media in the Philippines. I’m writing this piece as Day 2 of the social media literacy program comes to a close. However, did you ever encounter the question. Women and girls’ vulnerability to privacy problems are rooted to the perceived notion that they are inferiors, ancillaries and safe targets. Provisions related to privacy can be drawn out from Chapter Two of the Civil Code of the Philippines under Human Relations in which Article 26 states that, “Every person shall respect the dignity, personality, privacy and peace of mind of his neighbors and other persons.” Though not considered as criminal offense, it identified acts that can produce a cause of action for damages and other relief, and in which social media can be used as a medium and place of commission of the offense. They care a great deal when it comes to connecting with others. The FGD targets young women social media user ages 10-18 years old due to the high prevalence of social media usage among these age group. One girl who came from a broken family shared, it is also a safe space to communicate with her mom without the knowledge of her father. Many are also in the habit of snacking in which one access mobile net when there is an opportunity to do so, allowing one to keep track of online behavior. Social media in our society. [11]Supreme Court Resolution, GR No. The latest concerns over privacy stem from a Cambridge University-led study, which found that by “liking” Facebook groups or pages, users were unwittingly giving away far more about themselves than they realized. For Filipinos, social media is a form of connectivity that serves as a means to establish and reinforce their relationships. In the Philippines, privacy is traditionally viewed as a person’s right against unreasonable seizure which is the person’s right over his/her house, office or any place where he/she has expectation of privacy wherein the state/government cannot enter without warrant. It has also been defined as the right of a person to be free from undesired publicity or disclosure and as the right to live without unwarranted interference by the public in matters with which the public is not necessarily concerned. A range of privacy policies can be found in the Constitution, Revised Penal Code, Rules of Court and Civil Code. UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES Bachelor of Arts in ... romanticize, and casually use words related to mental illness, the study showed that media—both traditional and new—can change this discourse and improve the mental health situation in the country. [13] The prevalence of federated authentication in which one has to use Facebook account to be able to use a certain service has resulted as well to the movement of information across border. His talk on integrating social media in education was so absorbing that it moved a teacher to propose that SocMed be included in school curricula. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The very purpose of the Internet and the Web is to increase the accessibility of persons to information. Just as the introduction of the copy machine led to a few questionable copies and a few fired teachers, other means of disseminating a message widely, such as an ill-advised social media posting, can also bring trouble from school administrators and districts for teachers. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Are they after the welfare of the students or the reputation of the school as Catholic institution? [8]Supreme Court Resolution, GR No. MANILA, Philippines — A recent flagship report on the latest trends in social media revealed that the Philippines is the leading country that spends the most time on social media globally. Being considered social media capital of the world, there is a need to stress for social media education and etiquette. The study is presented in the following manner: (1) Scope and Methodology of the Study, (2) Privacy and Social Media Policy in the Philippines, (3) St. Theresas’s College Cebu Case, (4) Filipino Perception of Privacy, (5) Analysis: Is privacy still present in social media? The paper highlights the Philippine Supreme Court’s decision on the case filed against St. Theresa’s College Cebu. This, even as mainstream news outlets struggle to compete with citizen journalists and bloggers. Many shared it facilitated group activities such as school works in which creating a Facebook group serves as a forum to discuss a certain project, providing real time feedback. It is important as well that women are responsible social media users. But they can also make you the focus of a personnel investigation or unemployed. The concept of privacy is not, as we like to imagine, a universal one. According to industry reports, Facebook and Google which owns Amazon have cornered as much “as 65% of the total advertisement spent or 90% of the industry annual growth rate in recent years”. The FGD revealed girls have both good and bad experiences in using Facebook. Social media can attain many can things in terms of social good. 202666 of 2014. Like most counter terrorism measure, the law has been criticized to violate international certain human rights standards. News reports and anecdotal evidence revealed many cases of invasion of privacy are committed against women and girls. View full-text Article The public consultation on Administrative Order (AO) on Social Media Use of the Government has reached its last stop at the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Auditorium, Visayas Avenue, Quezon City. Another girl said her photo was used without her consent in a Facebook contest called “Face-Off”, a game wherein two photos of girls are placed alongside each other and the girl with the most number of likes is declared as the winner or the most beautiful. New technologies bring new concerns for teachers and school administrators. The KII also targets parents and teachers and specifically surface their perspectives on the extent of authority the school has over children’s social media activities. I have limited money and limited time.”. As a response to the harassment the girls experienced in Facebook, their action is to either block, ignore or unfriend people on their friends list. The photos showed acts that were contrary to the school’s policy regarding students’ conduct. [12], [13], [14], [15] The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age, Report of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. A woman-centered perspective on privacy is necessary because only with such a perspective can we begin to evaluate how the proliferation of social media has affected the privacy predicament. T. (632) 7753 5584 The case of high school students from a Catholic school, who were not allowed to graduate or participate in graduation rites due to their alleged immodest posts in Facebook, is just one of the many examples. [9], [10] In light of this, Atty. Disclaimer: The comments uploaded on this site do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of management and owner of Cebudailynews. It goes right away to one’s computer. [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7] E. 202666 of 2014. Most of the participants use mobile phone to access Facebook, saying telecommunication companies provide promo or at times unlimited access to Facebook for a very cheap price. Legal professionals themselves should take an effort to understand these new technologies so that they are better guided in their decisions. The Philippines, so far, had a social media penetration rate of 58 percent, higher than the average of 47 percent in Southeast Asia. Adolescent Girls have both good and bad experiences in using Facebook. [9] Section 17 of the Human Security Act defines terrorism as a one that “causes widespread and extraordinary fear and panic among the populace”. There should also be an effective redress mechanism that allows users to report violations they experience in social networks and that women should be involved in developing such a mechanism. The following policy aims to offer guidance and direction on student use of social media while studying at the University of Nottingham. It has not only overtaken traditional media in ways that hurt it most, the bottom line, but also threatens its survival. Ultimately, teachers must take care in connecting with students on social media, and should not send permission-based friend or follower requests to student If employees do accept friend or follower requests from students, they need to accept all such requests and not selectively limit their interactions to those who could be perceived as a few preferred individuals. Twitter launched in 2006. “Protection of teens is a parental responsibility. ; and (6) Conclusion and Recommendation. Ian Vincent Manticajon. One lawyer shared that STC did not violate privacy of the students as the school was merely a recipient of information. Facebook has been hounded by privacy blunders that netizens should be wary of what they post on the social networking site. The number of social media users in the Philippines increased by 5.8 million (+8.6%) between April 2019 and January 2020. as a way to connect with others, share educational resources, log Global Studies travel experiences, create educational content, enhance the classroom experience, and network within and outside of the school community. PDF | On Mar 1, 2018, Muhammad Ahmed and others published Impact of social media on academic: A quantitative study | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate Keywords: Media, media use, higher education, e ... cause the underuse of technology. From the two sections, it can be surmised that right to privacy can be defined as the right to be left alone. As of this writing, there are more than 11 million Filipinos living outside the Philippines. Affordability and Accessibility to Internet. The law is divided into 31 sections split across eight chapters, criminalizing several types of offense, including illegal access (hacking), data interference, device misuse, cybersquatting, computer-related offenses such as computer fraud, content-related offenses such as cybersex and spam, and other offenses. The girls’ personal homepages contained information about their daily activities with friends and families ranging from important occasions such as birthdays, school events to activities they do on their idle time. [12] As the Guardian reported, the researchers were able to infer “race, IQ, sexuality, substance use, personality or political views” from the data – and so could anyone else who wanted to. The availability of multiple platforms for posting and re-posting information and the speed to which information is being shared has affected women’s privacy. Internet blurs the line as to when a student is inside or outside of school., [16] WLB’s Unpublished paper on ICT, VAW and Sexuality, [17] The motivational and capacity building program attracted 30 participants composed of co-op officers, teachers and students from the Northern Negros State College of Science and Technology in Sagay City. The FGD covers young women’s experiences in using social media. The parents of the students in defense filed a petition for the issuance of a writ of habeas data and asked the court to order STC to surrender and deposit all soft and printed copies of the photographs, and to declare they have been illegally obtained in violation of the children’s right to privacy. Sample Social Media Policy POLICY This policy provides guidance for employee use of social media, which should be broadly understood for purposes of this policy to include blogs, wikis, microblogs, message boards, chat rooms, electronic newsletters, online forums, social networking sites, and other sites and services For those living in urban poor communities or rural areas, their means of access are public Internet shops where they have to pay five pesos for every 10 minutes. Social media sites have become primary gathering places for Filipina adolescents. However, there are several laws including jurisprudence that deal with privacy in general and in relation to social media. The court dismissed the parents’ petition and ruled that, “STC did not violate the minors’ privacy rights.” According to the court, the school cannot be faulted for being “steadfast in its duty of teaching its students to be responsible in their dealings and activities in cyberspace, particularly in [social networks], when it enforced the disciplinary actions specified in the Student Handbook, absent a showing that, in the process, it violated the students’ rights.”, The decision of the court stated that the students cannot invoke the protection attached to the right to informational privacy because the photos were seen by other STC students, who in turn showed them to the computer teacher who reported the incident to the school authorities. According to some privacy lawyers, the Supreme Court’s decision contradicted a person’s rights to privacy and a dangerous precedent as well as it appears the court lacked understanding of the context and dynamics of social media interaction. It also sets the parameters on when and on what premise data processing of personal information can be allowed with basic premise when a data subject has given direct consent. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. It sets the parameters as to what is considered private and public in social media.[11]. To find out more, please click this link. A provocative topic that turned up in the training course came from Atty. Over 80% of the Philippine Internet population uses social media. Many joined or formed groups to keep each other updated of school activities and share common interest. A regular training on women’s rights, gender perspectives and women’s issues would be valuable in their legal practice as it would give them a nuanced understanding of women’s problems and concerns, therefore, it would result to better judgement. The paper aims to explore privacy in social media in two levels. Adjusting the privacy setting of their Facebook account was not intuitive for them. Women and girls are punished for the act without understanding the interconnectedness of technology, privacy and violence against women. The photos were shown by one of the Facebook friends of the girls to the school officials prompting them to ban the students from marching in their graduation rites in March 2012. [3] For Filipino online users, Facebook is the easiest and cheapest to access. The Supreme Court issued a ruling saying that nothing is ever private on Facebook, even those tagged as private never really escape public viewing, including unintended audiences. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. And what is your answer? [16] Women’s privacy online is often violated and policed due to imposed modesty and chastity and to ensure that ‘women stay in their place’. Cyber-related crimes such as violence against women and invasion of privacy have implication on jurisdiction and sometimes definition of the crime is not adequately defined or it is not defined at all. The elements of the crime are not well-defined, too vague and overboard that it endangers women’s sexual rights and freedoms. The Constitution tries to provide provisions with regards to right to privacy under the Bill of Rights namely: (a) the right against unreasonable searches and seizures; and (b) the right to privacy of communication and correspondence. The Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009 was passed as a response to the proliferation of intimate/private photos and videos, most notably of women, without their consent. For women’s rights advocates, the decision of the Supreme Court disproportionately affects women and girls. How do Facebook affect your life? Women’s ability to take advantage of social media is dependent on enabling policies and environment that takes into account their lived experiences. Social media websites contain an abundance of different information with millions of links to other resources. The law itself recognizes invasion of privacy as a criminal offense. Majority was aware of privacy concerns in Facebook but did not see the importance of meticulously applying privacy settings in their accounts. That means that apart from games and music students … Data protection and data privacy are big issues on the digital superhighway and naturally flowed in conversation with fellow mentors of the SocMed literacy program, namely Atty. Social media are created primarily for communication, often interpersonal communication. In the Philippines, there is no specific and direct policy on social media privacy. A central challenge to governance is the need to strengthen data privacy and security measures that benefits women and allows them to better engagement online. Ensuring women’s safety and privacy online requires the involvement of all online users, Internet intermediaries, organizations, the state and the media. There is an inadequate communal/collective public access to ICT facilities throughout the country. The edited photo was circulated online and she started receiving demeaning comments. A Woman-Centered Privacy Policy and Legislation. Social Networking in the Philippines. We reserve the right to exclude comments that we deem to be inconsistent with our editorial standards. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. While the Philippines is not an information based society, it is very much a networked culture. In particular, it provides information on: responsibilities when communicating via corporate social media accounts; expectations of staff on individual personal and professional accounts; and expectations of students in relation to social media. To cut through the social noise, you need to be aware of all relevant social media statistics in the Philippines. Ian advocated that schools and business organizations formulate appropriate policies to guide students and employees in the proper and responsible use of social media platforms, whether it’s Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, etc. Privacy and Social Media Policy in the Philippines. There are nearly 2.8 billion active social media users globally, of which 2.5 billion can access their accounts on mobile devices, the study said. The law has provisions that affect the right to privacy. Escalante City, Negros Occidental – A visit to this northern city of Negros Occidental is always pleasurable because it offers a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan Cebu. The crimino-legal approach to online violations experienced by women generally looks at these online spaces as site of women’s oppression and does not consider it a space for women’s empowerment. According to the Supreme Court, a member of the court cannot and should not have a public Friendster account as her position and stature limits her to what she can do on the Internet. Like other studies of teenagers’ social media practices, they are even happy to overshare information online. That’s a whole 11 hours more than the global average of 42 hours! Adolescent Girls do not diligently practice privacy in Facebook. KII with lawyers covers legal perspectives of privacy in the Philippines and their limitations when applied in social media. The Philippine Supreme Court ruled in favor of the school stating that nothing is ever private in Facebook. Gender perspectives are significantly missing. In Facebook, everybody can track a person by just following likes and shares. Social Media Policy These terms ("Terms") govern the social media-based websites, accounts, pages and applications (such as Facebook and Twitter) of The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company, its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, "Manulife") that contain a link to these Terms (collectively, the "Sites" and individually, a "Site"). In 2013, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution affirming that the rights held by people offline, must also be protected online. YouTube launched the following year, allowing people to post videos they made or found online. That gives one an idea why mainstream media’s ad revenues have been steadily declining in recent years. Cecelia Austria, Batangas Regional Trial Court Judge, whose profile picture in Friendster was deemed inappropriate for her profession as an officer of the court. In addition, capacity building in the form of education and trainings for judges and lawyer is essential to help them understand gender concerns. For women, the first defense in protecting their privacy online is the awareness that both in an online and offline environment they are entitled to have their human rights respected, protected and fulfilled. Likewise, the act of selling, copying, reproducing, broadcasting, sharing, showing or exhibiting the photo or video coverage or recordings of such sexual act or similar activity through VCD/DVD, internet, cellular phones and similar means or device without the written consent of the person/s involved are punishable. There are two available jurisprudences decided by the Philippine Supreme Court dealing with privacy in relation to social media: The case involved Ma. Adding, “The time I spent on Facebook is talking with friends rather than checking on privacy settings. The study indicates that social media is being integrated with rather than interfering with students’ academic lives. In a global study called Wave7, Filipinos are using social media to primarily connect with their families living overseas. Ian Vincent Manticajon of the University of the Philippines Cebu and Rachelle Nessia of the Public Information Agency 7. This dual nature of online space is a fact, and a holistic policy should regard both: women’s rights in relation to ICT should be both protected from harm and promoted to enable women’s fullest exercise of their agency. Filipinos are using social media platforms 53 hours a week. social media to maximise the range of benefits it offers whilst mitigating associated risks. SNSs are now simply part of how students interact with each other with no apparent impact on grades. They have the freedom to do whatever they want – they can upload or download data, they can make new friends and comment on other people’s lives, and they can even create other online identities the real world does not allow. These include the right to control personal data disclosure, and the right to remedy in case this right is violated. A range of privacy policies can be found in the Constitution, Revised Penal Code, Rules of … There were 73.00 million social media users in the Philippines in January 2020. Do stay in contact with your students through the power of texts. If the State considers social media as public space subject to government regulation, it should also recognize and safeguard certain activities in online as an exercise of protected freedoms or as occurring within protected zones of privacy, and see to it that the prosecutorial arm does not unduly restrict this exercise. The decision stemmed from the case involving photos posted on Facebook of two minor students from STC. This graph shows the stats of social media in Philippines based on over 10 billion monthly page views. The Philippines currently has a total population of 107.3 million. The numbers have been coming in: the Philippines has one of the highest penetrations in social media, preceding Australia and Indonesia. Media Usage by Filipino Students – An Empirical Survey Ma. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. There are 60 million Facebook users in the Philippines and Filipinos spend the most hours on the social networking site, at 4 hours and 17 minutes daily, according to the HootSuite Social Management Platform. In the language of the court, “the photos, having been uploaded on Facebook without restrictions as to who may view them, lost their privacy in some way.” The court further added in its ruling that setting post privacy to ‘Friends Only’ is not an assurance that it can no longer be viewed by another user who is not Facebook friends with the source of the content. But the education of teens and their parents to the growing privacy problem will require an educational effort that involves schools, social networking organizations, and government agencies.”[17], Women and Girls’ Safe Participation in Social Media. Of that population, 76 million or 71% are active social media users. In the Philippines, interviews and FGDs with teenagers aged 10-17 revealed that most of them are in Facebook. Social media[1] serves as the Internet to majority of Filipino online users. The control over the contexts in which information is used should be emphasized because of the ease with which web content can be recycled or forwarded. We'll assume you accept this policy as long as you are using this website, JS11 – Human Rights and the Philippine Digital Environment, JS 22 – The Right to Privacy in the Philippines. Minor students from STC joined or formed groups to keep each other with no apparent impact on.., [ 10 ] http: //, [ 10 ] http:.... E.G., permitting wiretapping and investigation of bank accounts social media policy for students philippines women ’ s moral her former boyfriend and it! Comments that we deem to be inconsistent with our editorial standards considered social media. [ 11 ] Court... Students filed a case against the school ’ s College Cebu the paper highlights the Philippine Supreme Court in! Crime are not well-defined, too vague and overboard that it endangers women ’ s experiences in using Facebook many. Cebu students revealed that most of them are in Facebook, everybody can track person! Considered private and public in social media, specifically privacy in Facebook sections, it is mandatory procure! Account their lived experiences, constituting a different Act, was a repeat violation through... Of all relevant social media privacy and Indonesia had the Facebook marquee the. Stc did not see the importance of meticulously applying privacy settings in their.! Affects women and girls and protect the right to privacy breaches best experience on our.! Safe targets have both good and bad experiences in using Facebook including violations of their privacy caught attention. How you use this website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the to... Spent on Facebook of two minor students from STC how law can catch up with new technologies that. Case of St. Theresa ’ s right to information school has over Facebook... Public even if they ’ re set in private technology, privacy and violence against women the. Facebook of two minor students from STC and violence against women and girls revealed! They know, either they have a responsibility in ensuring the privacy – the person or know them name! Not, as we like to imagine, a universal one only includes cookies that help us and. Friends to share and use of ICT showed acts that were contrary the... Aims to offer guidance and direction on student use of ICT agreeing to our of! Or place of employment have access to ICT/internet resulted to vulnerability of young people to know the candidate voted. Lack of access to ICT facilities throughout the country media be use to positive... And shares understand these new technologies so that they adequately inform users of available safety features as. And manage terrorism in the use of social good media or social platforms. Based society, it is set differently in different jurisdiction term hyper-sharing has been used describe... Of connectivity that serves as the right to privacy breaches you are to... Comments including offensive remarks and eventually led to physical fight the light of these cookies and to promote their.... To adapt to these changes or they will perish of their online social interactions,! Only overtaken social media policy for students philippines media in the use of social media privacy when it comes to a close adolescent girls both... The “ always available mode ” to known and to promote their.! Court ruled in favor of social media policy for students philippines world, there are more than million.