} .rooms-alert {background-color:#ffd800;} #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-area-of-interest div { padding-left:0.5em} The M.L.S. Admissions RequirementsApplicants should possess a bachelor’s degree from an approved college or university prior to beginning their legal studies. .node--type-team-member .field--name-field-area-of-interest .field--label { font-weight: bold; } .page-node-type-rooms .main .field--label { font-weight:bold; } /*global*/ margin:0; } .region-sidebar-first .s3-nv .dropdown-menu .dropdown-menu ul ul li a {padding:0.317em .75em 0.317em 5em !important;} Calendar Legacy ITS /* Student Ambassadors */ ************/ University Certificate in Human Resources and Labour Relations: This one-year (30-credit) certificate can be taken as a stand-alone credential or used as a stepping stone for students interested in eventually completing the Bachelor of Human Resource and Labour Relations Degree. font-family: FontAwesome; Careers adviser 3. vertical-align: text-bottom; background-color:#f0ff00; .tech-rooms .col-xs-12.col-sm-6:nth-child(3n+1){clear:both;} ************/ Now The Master of Arts in Law – Human Resources Law, offered completely online (with select on-campus course options), will enhance your HR skills through comprehensive coursework.This includes contracts, employment law, strategic human resource management, and negotiations, giving you a better understanding of the laws that affect your career. Downing, Juris Doctor (J.D. The Master of Human Resources and Law is a high quality, professionally-focused Master program that provides students with a pathway for pursuing research and further study. Allocation of judicial business between state and federal judiciaries and the civil rights of defendants to be immune from inconvenient civil litigation are examined along with other aspects for jurisdiction. Regent was ranking in the "Top 5% Most Affordable Private Christian Universities" in the CCCU Tuition Survey, 2018. This includes contracts, employment law, strategic human resource management, and negotiations, giving you a better understanding of the laws that affect your career. Cross-listed with GOV 616. #fsu-nav-primary ul li a[href^="/co-curriculars/"], ************/ The online Human Resources Law and Compliance certificate also offers the opportunity to pursue specific human resources law and compliance-focused online classes that benefit those who work for large organizations that deal with employment issues, HR managers who handle negotiations, compliance managers who deal with risk management involving employees, and others in the human … .event-card { in Law – International Business Transactions, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program. Our Juris Master degree with a specialization in Employment and Human Resources Law provides students a keen understanding of the underpinnings of employment laws on each level of government. Discuss the impact of discrimination, reasonable accommodations, harassment, medical conditions, leaves and retaliation on an organization’s policies, procedures, and daily operations. You understand that these calls may be generated using automated technology. Please email a scanned copy or photograph of it to apply@regent.edu with the subject line: Government ID. Mediator 8. Human resources is a broad field that offers employment opportunities no matter what degree level you attain. #main-content + .region-content li a, Topics include how accident losses are distributed; the role of trial judge, jury, and appellate judiciary; the language of negligence; and intentional wrongs. .node--type-team-member .field--name-field-hometown .field--label:after, .page-node-type-rooms .side .field--name-field-room-status .field--item {display:inline-block;} The study of law is regarded not as purely vocational, but part of a broader education. Honours degree in Labour Relations and Human Resources The Degrees BA Honours and B.Com Honours in Labour Relations and Human Resources were approved, originally by the Department of National Education in 1981, and the first course commenced in 1982. Our advanced, accelerated program will support you as you take on more advanced human resource roles. Pay Your $50 Application FeePay the $50 nonrefundable application fee by check or money order mailed to Regent University, Enrollment Support Services, 1000 Regent University Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23464. in Law program, each student will be able to: Top 5 Nationally: Teaching .region-sidebar-first nav .navbar ul.navbar-nav a[href^="/alumni/class-notes"] .caret {display:none !important;} } margin-right: -14px; Athabasca University’s Bachelor of Human Resources and Labour Relations is a 3-year online degree program. .event-card #fsuwidgeteventlink { The University of Pittsburgh School of Law developed Human Resources Law Online (HR Law Online) by working with experts in human resources, law, and online education. Let us help you find yours! } Provide an astute legal perspective to those you lead and serve. Tallahassee, FL 32306, FSU Directory Assistance padding-right:.5em; padding-top:0.75em; Now waiving the GRE requirement for ALL Spring 2021 applicants! Law is concerned with the study of the obligations, duties and rights which every member of society has in relation to one another and to the state. #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-area-of-interest span, .strong { } .node--type-team-member .field--name-field-undergrad div, All new students are expected to check-in for the semester 2 weeks prior to the session start date. footer>div.container {border-bottom:1px solid #e5e5e5;} footer>div.container nav.nav-social a i {background-color:#782f40;} ************/ Inquiry is made into the historical developments of contract law and nineteenth-century notions of the doctrine of consideration in light of developing twentieth-century concepts and alterations. cursor: pointer; Human resources officer 2. } Each of the following will be evaluated to assess an applicant’s potential for success in the program. content: "\f1c1"; margin:0 0 10px; The admissions committee does not recommend any single major or undergraduate field of study, but welcomes majors ranging from political science to engineering, and from biblical studies to psychology. .field.field--name-field-position .field--item { .tech-rooms .views-field-field-video-conferencing>span, When HR Generalists will come to work for your organization with a Bachelor's degree for $54,680 per year, why would a forward thinking-office hire an employee without one? .tech-rooms .views-field-field-lecture-capture>span, 5. Capella University takes online education to a higher level and is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA). 246 views. a[href^="#pdf"] { .tech-rooms .views-field-field-seating-capacity>span, Core Curriculum (15 Units) Additional Courses (15 Units) .page-node-type-rooms .side .field--item { display:inline-block; } } Median annual wage for human resources managers, 2020 Alumnus of the Year; Managing Attorney & Founder of Just Law International PC, Timothy J. } LSAT and GRE not required for admission to our program. This includes contracts, employment law, strategic human resource management, and negotiations, giving you a better understanding of the laws that affect your career. Human relations practitioners will benefit from coverage of the ever-expanding laws and policies impacting the organizations they serve. Copyright, Employment & Human Resources Law Specialization, Administrative Law & Governmental Relations Specialization, Environmental & Land Use Law Specialization, Donald J. Weidner Summer for Undergraduates, Pave the Way: FSU Law's Student Scholarships Campaign. } If you have decided to earn your master’s degree in law, we make applying to graduate school easy. Students should apply, be accepted, enroll in their first courses, and confirm a plan to pay for their courses prior to this date. Demonstrate proficiency in laws relevant to your field, including contract, employment and healthcare laws and employment discrimination. Submitting this form constitutes your express written consent to be called and/or texted by Regent University at the number(s) you provided. If you have a related post-secondary diploma, you can take the shorter post-diploma route. display:inline-block; } .region-sidebar-first a[href^="/technology-services/rooms"] + .menu li.active a {background-color: #d5d4d4;} text-transform: uppercase; Also reviewed are the judicial function in constitutional cases, the federal system, the powers of the national government, and the powers reserved to the states. But I told my family, ‘If I don’t go to Regent, I’m not going to law school at all.’”. padding: 0 0.25em; University, Research Center | News & Events | Administration | Make a Gift | Journals and Advocacy Teams | Technology Services. Government-Issued IDTo ensure academic integrity, Regent University requires a copy of a government-issued ID. They are experts at discovering and nurturing employees’ skills and then leveraging them to serve a company’s needs. Choose from a robust list of courses from training and development to performance management. Click below to get started! .node--type-team-member .field--name-field-undergrad .field--label:after, Special consideration given to religious discrimination. Most law school curricula include courses in employment and labor law, which is fundamental to understanding the basic premise of human resources and regulations that impact both employers and employees. Sales executive 12. .tech-rooms .views-field-field-technology>div, .event-card #fsuwidgeteventlink a { Recruitment consultant 10. content: "\f003"; footer .s3-w>div.container>div.row.s3-m-10 {margin:0; padding-top: 0.563em; padding-bottom: 0.563em;} Earn a top-ranked education. Intelligent, 2020, In Institutional Scholarships & Grants To 97% Of Law Students, 2018-19, “I use the knowledge I gained at Regent every single day.”, “Regent attracts very talented students, and I was continually challenged by the academic excellence and career ambition of my classmates.”, “"The program at Regent is incredibly rigorous — but it's just a wonderful environment to learn and grow, and it's been invaluable in my life. The course includes both private sector and governmental arrangements and influences on the definition of property rights. box-shadow:1px 1px 5px #ddd; } Capella University offers several degree programs for everyone pursuing a Human Resources Degree! .region-sidebar-first nav .navbar .dropdown-menu .dropdown-menu { margin-top:0; } The Princeton Review, 2020, Top 35 Nationally: Academic Experience a.icon-subscribe:before { a[href^="http://law.fsu.edu"], There are no set start dates – you can enrol at any time and register for courses right away. padding-bottom:0.75em; Human Resources Law Certificate; Bachelor of Business Administration; Master of Science: Online Availability: Fully online programs are available: Median Salary … We also offer some of the best teaching in Human Resource Management (HRM) in both Scotland and the UK Academic achievement (GPA, course rigor, and institution(s) attended), Responses to the questions in the application for admission, Employment history with details of responsibilities, skill sets, and results, School, community, and church leadership positions, Service activities in which you have been involved, Academic and non-academic honors and distinctions you have received. /************ font-family: FontAwesome; footer .s3-w>div.container>div.row {border-top:1px solid #fbfbfb} .tech-rooms .views-field-field-video-conferencing>div, Master’s in human resources degree programs are ideal for students wishing to enhance their business acumen and interpersonal skills for advancing in the HR field. Questions or Comments, Privacy Policy The 12 credits from this program can be applied toward a Master of Legal Studies. University Services Fee (Online Students). font-family:'FontAwesome'; .page-node-type-rooms .field--name-field-room-name p { font-size: 1.777em; font-style: italic; } padding: .1em .5em; } Faculty/Staff .field.field--name-field-related-links .field--label, Admissions CriteriaThe admissions committee seeks applicants who will bring a range of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to Regent University’s School of Law. #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row:nth-child(3n+1){clear:both;} /************ The role of a human resources executive is increasingly becoming one of the more common alternative careers for lawyers due to the volume of employment law issues in business today. Introduction to Legal Studies and Research. Complement your degree with courses in employment law, negotiations, family law, and more. } The Associate Degree in Human Resources is a 4-semester program of study that includes 24 credit hours of college-level general education courses rounded out by electives and subject matter essential to effective personnel management. font-family:'FontAwesome'; in Law Application Process. } Human resources degree programs prepare students to understand the ins and outs of labor laws, employee benefits, team-building and proper hiring and termination practices. Tallahassee, FL 32306-1601, Administration: 850-644-3400 display:inline-block; Regent proudly offers over 135 unique areas of study. A purpose-built program - the Master of Human Resources and Law is a fantastic opportunity to build skills and knowledge simultaneously in employment law, human resource management and employment relations. background:#fff; form.views-exposed-form .form--inline .form-type-select .select-wrapper { ************/ padding-bottom:10px; ************/ At Human Resources MBA, we’re dedicated to guiding you through the process of choosing and earning the right master’s degree in human resource management. I decided on a Double Major Degree in Psychology and Human Resource Management with Murdoch University as it is an internationally recognised University. So you may enter law school desiring to go into one field, and instead practice in a different field. .page-node-type-rooms .side .field--name-field-room-status .field--item iframe {margin-bottom:0.5em} a[href^="mailto:"]:before { Forms .field.field--name-field-select-recent-publications .field--label { a[href^="http://law.fsu.acsitefactory.com"] { In Maryland, several 2- and 4-year public and private schools offer training in human resources. Overview of the fundamental legal principles of health care law. #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-undergrad span, Learn directly from industry experts, experienced HR law faculty, and Northeastern University School of Law professors. Risk manager 11. width:100%; The M.A. Human relations practitioners will benefit from coverage of the ever-expanding laws and policies impacting the organizations they serve. This sparked my interest in wanting to learn more about Human Resources. #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-hometown div, However, most law students don’t know what they want to do when they graduate. No purchase required. /************ .node--type-team-member .field--name-field-undergrad .field--label, Submit Your Professional Resume (Optional)Your professional resume or curriculum vitae should include: Email your resume to apply@regent.edu using the subject line: LAW Master’s Application Pieces. padding-top:10px; /************ Complete Your Online ApplicationNote: If you are unable to complete our application due to a disability, please contact our Admissions Office for assistance. Admissions Office: 850-644-3787, FSU Law Accessibility MapLaw Comments or Questions, li.active>a, background-color:#f0ff00; #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-undergrad div, Team Members 7. International ApplicantsVisit the International Students Admissions page for additional admission requirements and to determine if you qualify as an international student. a.icon-accept:before, The study of civil wrongs for which the common law provides a remedy in the form of an action for damages. } Non-U.S. transcripts must be evaluated by an NACES-approved company. Data scientist 4. .block h2 {font-size:37px;} in Law – Alternative Dispute Resolution, M.A. } margin-left: -14px; An introduction to the basic foundations of enforceability of contractual arrangements: formation, performance, breach and damages, rights of third parties, conditions, Statute of Frauds, and assignments. #fsu-nav-primary ul li a[href$="/co-curriculars"], Welcome to Regent University! font-weight: bold; Note: All items submitted as part of the application process become the property of Regent University and cannot be returned. Operational researcher 9. } background-color: #d5d4d4; The Master of Arts in Law – Human Resources Law, offered completely online (with select on-campus course options), will enhance your HR skills through comprehensive coursework. } .tech-rooms .views-field-field-lecture-capture>div, .expand-link:after { Florida State Homepage 425 W. Jefferson Street Earn your M.A. Taught from a biblical perspective, this online human resources law degree helps to solidify your reputation as a trusted professional. Phases of litigation - pleadings, complaint, discovery, answer and reply, motions for judgment on the pleadings, and summary judgment - are reviewed in depth. font-weight: bold; View Relevant Elective Courses & Seminars, Required Courses: font-weight: 600; Human Resource Management Associate’s Degree Core Curriculum and Electives Most AA degrees start off with general studies courses. @media (min-width: 768px) { } #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-area-of-interest span { font-weight:bold} The 30-credit Human Resources Track includes: 13.5 credits in our required Core Curriculum The BSc (Hons) Human Resources Management (HRM) with Law degree aims to provide you with knowledge and understanding of law and the legal aspects of human resource management, human resource theories and their strategic applications to firms and organisations operating within a changing global environment. Kristine went to law school after first establishing a career in human resources with the US Olympic Committee. .page-node-type-rooms .side .field--label { font-weight:bold; display:inline-block } 1. Sponsored by Back. Employment topics other than discrimination (e.g., wages/hours, hiring/termination, OSHA, covenants not-to-compete, etc.). On completing the Master of Arts in Law – Human Resources Law, you will be able to: Common law of contracts, and the principles controlling the formation, performance and termination of contracts (offer, acceptance, consideration, conditions, material breach, damages, third party beneficiaries, assignment, statute of frauds and statutory variances from the common law). in Law program seeks highly motivated students and professionals who appreciate the educational benefits and professional development opportunities a graduate legal-based education offers. Email your unofficial transcript to apply@regent.edu using the subject line: LAW Master’s Application Pieces. By giving you an understanding of law as it relates to your role in HR, Trinity’s Master of Legal Studies in Human Resources Management arms you with the skills to confidently guide a company professionally and with integrity. .path-frontpage .nav.nav-tabs.events>li>a:hover { These are widely applicable even outside of traditional role in human resources. ]]>*/, © Florida State University .lead a { color: #565554; .region-sidebar-first .s3-nv .dropdown-menu .dropdown-menu ul li a {padding:0.422em .75em 0.422em 4em !important;} “A” rated for campus safety by Niche, 2020. .node--type-team-member .field--name-field-area-of-interest div { display: inline-block; } margin-bottom:1em; in Law credential in just five semesters with this practical alternative to the on-campus 3-year Juris Doctor degree. program is a customizable degree with nine possible focus areas (each focus area is four courses in a particular subject): font-size: 12px; The Princeton Review, 2020, Best Online Law Degree Programs Jobs directly related to your degree include: 1. for the joint degrees of Human Resources & Industrial Relations, MHRIR and Law, JD. designed for business professionals within human resource roles or management roles with personnel responsibilities Regent Law admits students with academic promise and calling who are serious about the critical roles they will assume upon graduation. border: none !important; .region-sidebar-first .menu li.expanded li.active a.is-active { /************ .node--type-team-member .field--name-field-area-of-interest .field--label:after { content:": "} } ************/ Demonstrate an appropriate level of legal knowledge within the student’s concentration; Apply legal knowledge in practical settings; Write knowledgeably and effectively on legal issues; Explain the relevance of Christian principles to law. A study of the extent to which various property rights come or fail to be recognized. margin: 10px !important; This course seeks to provide students with an introduction to the creation, interpretation and application of statutes and regulations, and the central role that they play in modern American governance. a[href^="#pdf"], An introduction to the principles of adjudication of the formalities of litigation in federal courts. #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-area-of-interest div { display:inline} #fsu-nav-primary ul li a[href$="/technology-services"] { } While earning a bachelor’s degree in human resources is perhaps the most direct route toward a career in HR, there are plenty of other majors that can provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to fulfill specific HR roles. } Cross-listed with GOV 618 and EHEA 506. You’ll probably have classes in math, English, and electives in social science and humanities for the first two years of your degree. /************ Flexible study options - choose to study full-time or part-time to suit your professional and personal needs. #fsu-nav-primary ul li a[href^="http://www.fsulawreview.com/"], How to Apply to Graduate School – M.A. Graduating with a degree in Human Resources equips students with a breadth of knowledge on the law and ethics governing the contemporary workplace, as well theoretical and practical experience with leadership and diversity. .tech-rooms .views-field-field-room-status>div {display:inline-block;} See the International Admissions Checklist for details. .view-faculty-staff .col-xs-12.col-sm-6:nth-child(3n+1){clear:both;} 3. .expand-link.collapsed:after { Acquire the knowledge required for professional advancement and improved marketability with this online law degree. The Law of Equal Employment Opportunity Gain the latest in-depth information on federal, state and local EEO and AA laws, guidelines and court decisions. Students can pursue an associate, a bachelor's or master's degree. background: #f4f4f4 !important; Cross-listed with GOV 617. LER school graduate office: 504 East Armory Avenue Champaign, IL 61820 school website: https://ler.illinois.edu/ on-campus program contact: Becky Barker email: ebarker@illinois.edu phone:(217) 333-1482 LAW school office: 504 East Pennsylvania Avenue Champaign, IL 61820 content:"\f078"; Upon completing the M.A. ), 2010, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma, 1000 Regent University Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23464, REGENT READY | COVID-19 Preparedness Plan, M.A. padding: 0.75em; *Rates are subject to change at any time. .event-card .start-time { Human resource professionals can support and advocate for employees by understanding how the law impacts the workplace and the employee-employer relationship. .region-sidebar-first .s3-nv .dropdown-menu .dropdown-menu ul ul ul li a {padding:0.238em .75em 0.238em 6em !important;} A study of general principles of constitutional law under the United States Constitution. a.icon-gift:before, Topics covered include an introduction to the field of forensic medicine, medical proof in litigation, advanced medical malpractice topics and the structure and operation of the health care delivery system. content:"\f077"; .expand-link { cursor:pointer; } display:none; Research American law, including cases, and statutes. Specifically, by studying contracts, negotiations and employment law, you will be able to effectively apply legal reasoning and interpret ever-evolving human resource rules and regulations. display:block; Life coach 6. Links Submit your Unofficial College Transcripts*Unofficial transcripts from a U.S.-based school, indicating successful completion of a bachelor’s degree program, can be used for an admissions decision. font-weight: 600; The Master of Arts in Law – Human Resources Law, offered completely online (with select on-campus course options), will enhance your HR skills through comprehensive coursework. "”, “Regent has an outstanding record of preparing students for incredible success.”, “There were plenty of other law schools. line-height: 1.1; .field.field--name-field-education .field--label, content:"\f06b"; .node--type-team-member .field--name-field-hometown div, Regent's Campus was ranked among the "Top 20 Best College Campuses in America: 2019-20". /* Navigation Our Juris Master degree with a specialization in Employment and Human Resources Law provides students a keen understanding of the underpinnings of employment laws on each level of government. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. .node--type-team-member .field--name-field-hometown .field--label, font-weight:bold; .path-frontpage .view-featured-stories>div.view-content { The program will expose students to new perspectives and deep analyses, ensuring high quality teaching and … #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-undergrad span, /************ font-weight:bold; #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-undergrad div, #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-hometown div { display:inline-block} College of Law font-size: 3em;}*/ margin:0; 6. } /*-->