That said I was very disappointed in the swimmers. I buy the black n blue, kvd magic, pearl shad and white. With each passing year it seems more and more paddletail swimbait options hit the market and more and more anglers use them to tip their spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, 'bama rigs, vibrating jigs, underspins, etc. Very disappointing. And to tell y'all the truth, much more durable. Great for not just bass, but stripers, trout, walleye and pike. Of course, results vary depending on the fish and how they hit it. Better than keitechs, the salt content and squid scent makes keitechs slide down on your hook and they tear very easily, Comments: I have this pond of mine that I have been using the zoom speed worm on and caught multiple 1-2lbers I whooped out the BLACK AND BLUE CHATTERBAIT WITH AN ELECTRIC SHAD RAGE SWIMMER and slayin 3-5lbers all day keep in mind this pond has 1ft visibility (kinda dirty in my opinion) when it is cloudy I get best bites, also this pond is less than an acre water space and full of vegetation around the banks and shallow ends, I encourage other anglers to try this technique. The belly has a shallow slit to help guide hook placement. 4.7 out of 5 stars 33. Gary Yamamoto 4" Zako Swimbaits 4.6 out of 5 stars 406. Offered in a range of rod-bending colors, the Strike King Rage Swimmer delivers industry-leading performance that is “out-rage-ously” effective. Poured with an innovative rib design, the Strike King Rage Swimmer improves texture and vibration for more fish-catching performance. Hook point exposed but hidden in the channel on the back of clamshell with molded cavities each holding one bait, Strike King Rage Swimmer Very pressured lake also. At all retrieval speeds, the superior action and performance of the Rage Tail Rage Swimmer surpasses all others. Strike King is the latest to join the fray with the Rage Swimmer. $5.75 - $40.80. Design & Ergonomics: I'm a little surprised for a company as large as Strike King is that they only offer the Rage Swimmer in eleven (11) colors. $10.68 Next page. It attracts bass as well was saltwater trout and red drum. KEITECH développe et fabrique des leurres souples de grande qualité qui surpassent les standards actuels du marché, tant au niveau des matériaux que des techniques mises en œuvre pour les produire. It has also become my favorite cold water chatterbait trailer. I personally choose the Rage Swimmer over the keitechs. Add to Cart. It has awesome action the tail thumps and the bait shimmies at slow speeds and faster speeds. Strike King recently introduced their interpretation of this bait type and their Rage Swimmer is the subject of our article today. Comments: Let me start by saying I am a huge strike king fan. //-->. Comments: Best ribbed style swimbait out their. Lure slaps the water, tail falls off. They lasted better than some other brands but do not expect one to last more than three good fish fights. Currently available in four sizes and infused with the masking scent of coffee, the Rage Swimmer … Comments: Great baits. Featured items you may like. Small Swimbait 101! Keitech or Googan Saucy Swimmer! I think these are better than keitechs for heavier swim jigs as they will get the whole jig to rock back and forth more due to the harder plastic. Rigging your Rage Swimmer on an underspin is one of the best ways to accomplish this. Autopsy,