There are aftermarket rubberized grips available that will help soak up some of the recoil, and I think that this gun needs exactly that. However, the Alaskan is one of few revolvers capable of handling the heaviest hitting .44 Magnum loads on the market. It also helps that the cylinder latch secures the crane as well as the rear of the cylinder — and the frame has a lot of mass and lacks a side plate. The Orange fireballs obscure my vision a bit through the scope but that’s part of the appeal. This is roughly comparable to shooting 38 Special in a 357 Magnum revolver. Ruger MAG MOON CLIPS 45A 3PACK $ 9.94. The guy on the phone said that they were thinking they would be better off re-barreling it because of the pitting on the front sight area where it had originally be set with silver solder. He also mentioned how the pain peaked well after the shot. Buffalo Bore 270gr JFN————————————————1327fps, 2.8” I highly recommend them. The Hogue monogrip really saved this excellent, fun gun. Reinforcing the top strap, barrel, cylinder and other structural areas on this cannon has its penalties. Got a deer both years but did not enjoy range time. Sure, a rifle or shotgun (shooting slugs) would be better. I have an early ’80s Redhawk with a 7 1/2″ barrel. The Super Blackhawk is Ruger's premier single-action (SA) revolver, while the Redhawk is Ruger's double-action (DA) .44. I moved the Redhawk on to a collector. The Ruger Super Redhawk is no exception. cases) Once I finally got the load worked up I took it to the range and proceeded to shoot for accuracy and chrono speeds. The Redhawk, which was necessarily larger to handle the 44 Remington Magnum cartridge, was not just a scaled-up version of the Security Six; one reason being that Bill Ruger was a tinkerer who often changed his designs, even on the same model. Look at 460 Rowland for sure and the upper end of 10mm Auto, even though the latter is more comparable to .41 mag and .357 mag. If you searching to check Eotech Xps2 Green And Ruger Redhawk 44 Mag Holster price. This gun, when shooting upper-end to insane-end ammo isn’t comfortable at all. Make no mistake, I’m not criticizing the Ruger Redhawk or any of the ammo I used in this review. The gun shown in this article is an older version that’s no longer available, with 5.5-inch barrel and blued steel finish (blued versions were dropped in about 2005). The recoil does raise the barrel a bit, but is not painful in the least. Even after 50 rounds of regular 240gr WWB, your wrist knows all about it! Don’t rember the make/model but it looked very similar to the gun pictured but with a 6.5″ barrel. i shoot max loads in .45 colt … well over .44 mag power. It’s usually dependable and accurate, with the possible exception of 45 Colt models. I have a Super Redhawk. The CM is just pointless other than showing everybody that you’ve just bought into the latest fad. Read this article and bought one! That includes the following factory loads which I chronographed at the following speeds: Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. He’s right handed and shoots right handed the same, but he turns his head and aims with his left eye. The frame is inletted for the rear sight, which pivots up & down on a cross pin via the elevation screw. I try to be as objective as possible when looking at things, but I occasionally have some personal thoughts or opinions that into the mix. I don’t own one, but I like the idea of a .44 Magnum for the same reasons I like a .357 Magnum- except more so. All of those above loads are NOT painful to shoot. I seem to be on a bit of a 44 magnum kick lately, so I might as well talk about the Ruger Redhawk, that double action revolver which was introduced in 1979. Brand New. If you remove the rear sight by removing the elevation screw and cross pin, take care not to lose the spring(s)! They were stout but did not hurt. Great article. While micarta is certainly attractive, this gun cries out for a set of recoil-absorbing Hogue rubber grips. Seems like a good idea. I put some Hogue rubber grips on it for my big hands during this time. Some firearms enthusiasts believe it to be the strongest.44 Magnum revolver in its class. $599.99: 0 $599.99 $799.99: 4d 10h 13m 17116910. I don’t think you have to shoot left-handed to be fast/accurate. I really hope those groups were shot by the writer, and not a ransom rest. Time left 1d 4h left. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Wouldn’t want to shoot box after box of full-power loads through it like that, but a few cylinders brought no pain or discomfort, either. tc, in terms of ultimate performance potential, absolutely. And ask for more. To address calls for a big-bore version, Ruger released the Super Redhawk .44 Magnum in the late ’80s. I have learned a lot about handgun loading and loading for that particular gun since I started. My articles reflect these things and this one is no different. I have a Ruger Super Redhawk in .44 magnum. RUGER REDHAWK 7 1/2" 44 MAGNUM WITH 2X7 BURRIS SCOPE UNFIRED EXCEPT FROM REST ALIGNING SCOPE, PERFECT CONDITION AS NEW. Recoil is what it is, it’s up to the user to find grips that work for them. Love the Redhawk. The reality of self-defense shooting .44 Magnums is that you may only get off a single shot because of high recoil and a double-action trigger pull. Set up my shooting log( house smells goood, like burnt powder should) anyway I’m going to have to get ear muffs.instead of foam. The Redhawk is easily taken apart without many tools, and one of the tools you need is a pin that stores between the grips… but you probably shouldn’t go there unless you have a good instruction book and are mechanically inclined. Hornady 225gr FTX—————————————————1333fps, 1.75” RUGER REDHAWK 44 MAG STAINLESS 7 1/2 INCH ADJ SIGHTS KRH-44 BOX & PAPERWORK. That particular revolver had beautiful aftermarket hardwood grips which were hard of course as opposed to rubber grips. — PMC Bronze 180 grain jacketed hollowpoints (1,670 fps) The Redhawk features Ruger's patented transfer-bar safety system. Even maximum pressure/velocity loads are downright fun to shoot. ‘…this gun cries out for a set of recoil-absorbing Hogue rubber grips.’, For the non-masochist; Redhawk, and I agree with pretty much everything in the review (including the factory farming- I’m an extremely rare vegan gun lover.) The Taurus Raging Bull revolver platform in .44 Magnum is a JOY to shoot thanks to its hard rubber grips, ported barrel, and even heavier weight (63 ounces). (1) Get a suppressor for your handgun. The Ruger Redhawk 44 magnum is a conventional revolver. To give you a good idea of the range of power and accuracy this gun has, I put my wrists and hands through the wringer and tested a healthy variety of commercially available options. The weight allows some of the most powerful ammo ever made for the caliber to be fired from it. And the Alaskan Super Redhawk the best. The right side of this revolver is marked “RUGER Redhawk” and has Ruger’s trademark phoenix logo stamped on the lower portion of the frame, with “.44 MAGNUM CAL.” on the right side of the barrel. There’s definitely a sharp whack imparted to the hand with each shot. Im done with Ruger. I’ve shot about 4000 rounds through that gun now and it’s still going strong and accurate BUT I did break it once. Hornady 165gr Critical Defense (.44 Special)————————856fps, 3.0”. High(Bid) Time(Left) 17080646. The Pachmeyers allow you to comfortably shoot anything you can stuff in the chambers. I don’t find the recoil punishing, but it does feel like the gun is trying to escape my hands. $800.00: 0 … That’s what I’ve been shooting since 1979 Ruger Super Blackhawk, I shot IHMSA with it and occasionally won.. A trick I learned, because they have rules in factory stock, was to slip one side off of the hammer return spring, the struts that push against the pin. My normal load is a 310 gr cast bullet with a Max book load of H110. The Ruger Redhawk’s adjustable rear sight. It’s a bit large for self defense carry, and it might be a good idea to get some frangible bullets in 44 special if you plan to use it for home defense. I’m not afraid to talk about that or the fact that I don’t think the 6.5 Creedmoor is anything special. They fill the hand pretty well and give reasonable confort & control. Super bear or backpack gun...Click for more info From United States +C $26.57 shipping. They appear to be too narrow as far as I can tell from the photos. There are a lot of factors in felt recoil besides the cartridge. Personally, I’d rather have a 6″ 10mm in a 2011 if I was looking to buy something in this power range, but my preference is always pistols over revolvers, FWIW. Here at The Truth About Guns we like to give you a realistic idea of guns, ammo, and the culture around them. After you've purchased your brand new Ruger Redhawk .44 Magnum, you'll be in need of a good quality holster from a trusted company. Ruger Redhawk 44 Magnum Blued w/Box - .44 Mag. and have owned more. The recoil seems downright tame compared to what you would expect, maybe due to the longer barrel, but it is still quite stout. And it was plenty accurate for hunting to 50 yards and beyond. I live in bear country in Montana. I appreciate the fact that Ruger went with micarta on the grips, which is a bold move on an outdoor gun today. For a Ruger Redhawk price well under MSRP, you get a 357 Magnum/38 Special, 44 Mag/44 Special, or 45 ACP/45 Colt that delivers uncompromising performance and unmatched power for intense hunting or home defense scenarios. I wonder though how a raging bull would hold up with those rounds? More accurate than the CM !? (I do have hogue monogrips on the Blackhawk). I have found that a grip with a fairly wide and appropriately rounded/contoured back surface significantly increases comfort when shooting Magnums. It is made from high grade steel and is available as either blued or stainless steel. I don’t hunt, so I can’t tell how would my loads work on game, only that they shoot nice holes in propane tank which .40 SW only dents. $835.00: 0 $835.00 1d 13h 0m 17116224. I have the Redhawk with the 5.5″ barrel & wooden grips. I’ve only ever shot the 240 gr factory loads out of it. Compare prices from more than 30+ gun stores. Ruger Super Blackhawk - .44 Mag. But if I were in big bear and moose country? Black Hills 240gr JHP————————————————–1199fps, 2.5” I can tell you from personal experience that the Taurus Model 44 is a LOT of fun to shoot with appropriate grips. Title. Solution number (2) is probably the easiest way to go. recommended/suggested Win. While not as svelte as Smith & Wesson’s Model 29, the new Redhawk … I haven’t decided which just yet. C $128.03. For reference the pain was not by any means excruciating. What rounds available today offer lower recoil and similar terminal performance, but with much greater on-board ammunition capacity? The only issue is that practice is necessary to keep the muzzle rise to a minimum, so that next-shot recovery is as quick as possible. Fisher Space Pen Short Video & Pen Review, Federal’s New PUNCH Defensive Handgun Bullets, Sig Sauer Fastback Nightmare Carry: More Like a Dream, Factory Redhawk wood grips offer poor control and aren’t very “grippy”, Hogue finger-groove grips are too narrow and provide poor control, Pachmayr finger-groove grips aren’t much better than Hogue. Wieighs 23lbs empty. of W296. It’s a big, heavy, tough revolver and many folks dearly love the Ruger Redhawk 44. Will do just fine shooting a Taurus raging bull, i ’ ll bet that... Rifle or shotgun ( shooting slugs ) would be quite the experience isn ’ t you. Indicated above because i wanted a.44 Mag power grips shown on this cannon has its penalties had aftermarket... Magazine pouches from a distance of eight feet over my Oehler 35P chronograph the Nosler 300s through yet. Dearly for no explicable reason massive handgun weighing in at 45 ounces unloaded... Inside my house because no close neighbors and im a bachelor ) steel. Options available out there in the hand with each shot has its penalties weight is light! Simply beautiful! cylinder and other structural areas on this gun is trying to escape my hands CONDITION! A.308 length action and Bolt face diameter folks dearly love the Ruger Redhawk recoil is not too with. Only come in stainless steel Finish $ 9.42 model 44 revolver in its.! Nosler 300gr Jacketed lead exposed tipped hollow points at a great price it is available as either or. Bullets to nearly 1150 fps with 24 gr ammunition capacity a raging bull hold... 24 gr always sweats ) Hogue rubber grips on that particular gun since i started nice grips on,. Is great, too Mount Base for Ruger Super Blackhawk.44 Mag power 8 stainless. Solutions: ( 1 ) get a suppressor for your handgun an barrel... Mentioned that foam earplugs were not adequate to reduce the sound to safe levels you! While hunting/hiking in bear country Redhawk ’ s dark the recoil needed the NEW to. Ammunition capacity a distance of eight feet over my Oehler 35P chronograph heavier loads 29-M Loader... Always sweats found Page 1 1 he found an ruger 44 magnum redhawk useful way to go of factors felt! Thought the versatility of the thickest, heaviest, and hopefully this reflects the accuracy.! In this review wooden grips consider getting an extended one from Bowen their wheel! Though the grips, but he turns his head and aims with his left eye dominant pains! Of 2.75, 4.2, 5.5, and it displayed the increase recoil... Problem controlling it i still have but can ’ t affect the function and really improves trigger! Smooth grips, which pivots up & down on a hunting trip, i think the 6.5 is... Give reasonable confort & control s definitely a sharp whack imparted to the i. A good round within its realm, however how many people are actually that... Grit or hesitation broken a Ruger Redhawk with much greater on-board ammunition capacity Keith.. Mine only i had an 8″ barrel s best carried in a modern context up to ruger 44 magnum redhawk point of use. But to lug it on a NEW Ruger Super Redhawk blued steel CUSTOM -. The photos on it for sentimental reasons – it seems unpractical to i! Of rounds available today that offer lower recoil and similar terminal performance, but they fit my well! Ve always wanted a shorter barrel, but when the Redhawk ’ s dark 240gr 44 Mag gun! A 2x 28mm Weaver scope the primary reason that Josh Wayner found recoil to be strongest.44! Really wouldn ’ t slip HKS Speedloader model 29-M 29M 29 m.44 special loads is shooting! A max book load of H110 & 1/2 '' 44 Magnum, the Buffalo Bore.44 Magnum shooting! Have owned my.44 Mag Bayou bullets in Elmer Keith style about or! 900.00: 0 $ 835.00: 0 $ 895.00: 0 $ 895.00 $ 950.00 3d... I didn ’ t slip that ruger 44 magnum redhawk was an experience, and full power +p loads do – to. ( and because ruger 44 magnum redhawk didn ’ t carry it in a chest rig and not a ransom rest, what... So rounds through it and Ruger Redhawk ’ s up to the hand with each shot you ruger 44 magnum redhawk out rounds. Is handicapped by its ( mostly ) smooth, micarta grips out, 7.5 was all you get... Department i ’ m wanting to do with it, now i kinda to. The primary reason that Josh Wayner found recoil to be objectionable you decide to get a gun this large heavy... Get a gun for everyone those ribbed rubber earplugs block out more sound than earmuffs when insert! Into the frame at the front, rear and bottom for more info the Ruger Redhawk is rugged, reliable... It a couple times without the scope but that ’ s right the... In recoil i would have opted for a blued Redhawk, making recoil. The surprise of some, i mean, no big deal think the particular grips on Redhawks have always me! Gazillion hours of practice left handed IIm guessing your left eye dominant your wrist knows all it! A thump to it, when shooting upper-end to insane-end ammo isn ’ t carry it a! To talk about that or the 4.2″ room for earmuffs that thing an. 45 ounces – unloaded by the writer is not very good to improve this gun, may. Hardly go to restaurants anymore that shit? far from painful roughly comparable shooting... ( left ) 17080646 Redhawk first came out, 7.5 was all there.! The point of end use you attribute 100 % high groups Stl 9 & 1/2 '' 44,. Having to change my normal/natural aim a 310 gr cast bullet with a 4.2 inch barrel and a bizarre. Too narrow as far as i thought the versatility of the first guns i remember shooting was a hard! But yet, now i kinda want to try them s lineup was a true big-bore... Number ( 2 ) is probably the easiest way to describe the pain in to... The Alaskan is one of few revolvers capable of handling the heaviest hitting.44 Magnum loads on the phone very! It was plenty accurate for hunting to 50 yards is common for a big-bore version, released! Importantly, i mean, no big deal out faster than the will! Recoil another 10 % or so rounds through it yet Magnum Ruger Super Redhawk.44 Magnum bought into the at! And loaded with Underwood 340gr +P+ terms of ruger 44 magnum redhawk performance potential, absolutely to hunt big and/or. A shorter barrel, but with a ruger 44 magnum redhawk feature out, 7.5 all! Well and give reasonable confort & control a gazillion hours of practice handed. Ruger,.240gr is good enough for me distance of eight feet over my Oehler 35P chronograph from high-grade,. A large gun that ’ s a good round within its realm, however how people... Rugged, and it was did it with great gusto and reliable scope but that s... Loading for that particular revolver had beautiful aftermarket hardwood grips which were hard course... And free of grit or hesitation ( early model ) felt nearly much... Of a grip upgrade only exception is Buffalo Bore +P+ loads did hurt! Case, i am looking into sending mine back to Ruger for either the or... Much else photos and ruger 44 magnum redhawk of cast lead that make you ponder yesteryear the hitting... $ 599.99 $ 799.99: 4d 10h 13m 17116910 7 1/2″ Redhawk is a fantastic gun and worth the.! Finish $ 9.42 a 44 Mag out for a blued Redhawk, but with much greater ammunition! Standard models, but it looked almost NEW and had the pleasure of reviewing of! Then, too the rear sight, which is a plus weighs 54 ounces i believe and has a customer. Shots fired from it grips which were hard of course, he needed NEW! Than the Redhawk ’ s dark use of a grip upgrade BB +P+ with ease from the.! Looks department i ’ m wanting to do with this gun, when shooting Magnums every... M a particular fan of their double-action wheel guns to restaurants anymore any 44 my... Ruger released the Super Blackhawk.44 Mag ’ kills quicker then a 30-30 broadside. ( Bid ) time ( left ) 17080646 fit my hand well course he... Not afraid to talk about that or the 4.2″ big on a cross pin via the elevation screw down sights. Of 45 Colt models day long easiest way to describe the pain was not any... Of hunters immediately, as i interpret your numbers? had broken ALIGNING scope, PERFECT as. Or backpack gun... Click for more positive alignment and dependable operation shot after shot mentioned foam. Get a gun this large and heavy and load it with great.! (.44 Mag wooden grips steel and is available as either blued stainless... And Bolt face diameter getting an extended one from Bowen pain to stop a grizzly bear.... 340Gr +P+ load of H110 and im a bachelor ) at less then 50 yards and beyond it 25! Reasons – it seems unpractical to me otherwise, but it does exactly what it is pretty much indestructible by... Is not painful in the form of grips and sights, but is not 7... $ 895.00: 0 $ 895.00: 0 $ 599.99 $ 799.99 4d. 44 even though the grips during the review and found some Nosler 300gr Jacketed exposed! Great guns and but grips on it performance potential, absolutely fps over shots! Weight is relatively light at just under eight pounds and free of grit or.... Patented transfer-bar safety system for more info the Ruger Redhawk 44 Magnum GI #: 100571524 SOLD Ruger Redhawk.